Armed For Life is a social enterprise driven by the goal of helping children, teenagers and adults develop resilience and increase their well being and mental health. Too often we struggle with issues such as depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts without reaching out and getting the help we need. We strive to make it acceptable to ask for that help

We achieve this through the sessions and programs we run for:

Primary School aged students,

Secondary School aged students,

School staff,

Parents, and

Adults in the workplace,

as well as the school holiday programs and camps that we run every year.

** In schools we address issues relating to Protective Behaviours and the Keeping Kids Safe Curriculum in a safe and trustworthy way **



We have had incredible success with both of our camps in the previous years. This BEACH SUMMER CAMP is a great opportunity for children between the ages of 12-17 to get away from home and make some friends before the end of the school holidays. This camp was almost packed last year so get in early and register to secure a place.

This year the activities will not just be beach games but we will be running PARKOUR for the entire camp. A great way to learn the basics in a safe environment. And we have a nutritionist that cooks our food on camp so not only is it healthy it tastes AMAZING!!

The cost is $400+GST per participant.

Please send an email to [email protected] if you want info or a registration form.




We have worked hard in the back end of March 2020 to quickly move all of our content online for people to access in schools, organsaitions AND homes. We have filmed all 26 of our topics and they are now available under the Online Content drop down menu.

The school/ organisation/ family get access to the online page for the topics chosen through a personalised username and password for 30 days.

Once on the page the user will have access to:

  • The session video – which enables you to review the session again for the next 30 days.
  • The follow up lesson plans – they have been designed to be used in a number of class periods or at home with children to reinforce the messages of the chosen session.
  • The interviews and stories are an optional extra. These are videos of people and their stories that directly or indirectly display the points associated with the session.

Contact us for more information on the content, the pricing structure and for a FREE TRIAL today! Just click here, or the contact tab in the menu above.







Resilience is the number 1 booked session for students Yer 4-9 and for parents. It has become such a major issues for our students and our teens – and so talking about the issues we face and how we deal with them is incredibly important.

We use the Resilience Scale to explain how to mange the problems we face. We have had many teachers and parents ask where they can get our Resilience Scale from to use in the classroom or home. So here it is:




Our Awards and Achievements…


Our Sessions…

Students Workshops


We have 20 Armed For Life sessions that cover topics like bullying, resilience, self esteem and more…

Teachers Workshops


Our teacher sessions look at stress management, health and well-being, and others…

Parents Workshops


Armed For Life runs sessions for parents to up-skill them on how to deal with an issue their child may have.

Corporates Workshops


An employee that is healthier will work more effectively, and that’s the goal of the Armed For Life business workshops.




“I wanted to thank you, and your team, for the way they approached yesterday’s Student Wellbeing Day.

Their flexibility, patience and genuine care enabled our students to receive some important messages. You know all too well what our students are dealing with, which sometimes makes it difficult to engage the, for the most part this wasn’t an issue yesterday.”

Jeremy Bruce (Head of Student Services, Cecil Andrews College)



“After listening to Adam speak, you will feel moved to make a positive and lasting difference in your own life and the community surrounding you. Through his powerful story and vulnerability to share his past experiences, Adam inevitably connects with every single person he comes into contact with. His communication skills, growth mindset, and passion for spreading mental health has allowed for his platform to change lives for the better. I highly recommend Adam’s presence to speak with your organization, team, school or community group, positive change will be your only result.”

Devanny King (Professional and Personal Development, Kentucky, USA)


“Adam Przytula’s presentation on bullying is outstanding. From start to finish our students were fixated by his every word, as he reflected on his own bullying experiences and that of many others. He delivers all the key messages about bullying in a clear and engaging way. Adam’s presentation demands that all students reflect on their own behaviour and challenges them to become part of the solution to bullying rather than part of the problem. His presentation will make a difference to the students at your school and their attitude towards bullying.  A ‘must see’ presentation!”

Paul Cooke (Head of Health, Melville SHS)



“Thanks Adam and your team of workers. Your professional, caring and targeted approach to a whole range of ‘prickly’ subjects is well appreciated.”

Mark Pettit (Head of Middle School, Kalamunda SHS)

“Armed for Life is a great organisation that was able to help us as a community skill up to enable us to plan events and make a bigger and better impact on our community.”

Members of Youth Power, Youth Leadership group within Swan


“I just wanted to say how inspiring your speeches were. I just finished a 2 day retreat and I left so inspired. I learnt so much at your sessions. Your self-esteem, relationship and decision making sessions were amazing. You guys are AMAZING at talking to audiences and really engaged with us. I went into this thinking that it was going to be so boring but came out amazed I’ve never listened and focused so much before. The people that spoke over the 2 days and told there story really touched my heart and was shocked. I’ve never heard a story like any of them before. It told me that you can change your life around no matter how hurt you may be. Thank you so much for coming and talking to us because you really helped me understand so much.”

Sarah (Yr 10 Student)



“Your talk was so amazing, thank you so much for talking with us today! Your speech was extremely inspirational and I am proud to say that it has most definitely changed my perspective on the matter, I realised that I myself have been very hypocritical by being horrible to people even though I am bullied myself (not that much, just sometimes, but by the same person). I realised that I need to treat people the way that I want to be treated. Your story was extremely inspiring as well because it made me realise that asking for help is so much better than just ignoring people or fighting back with aggression. I will be working harder to be an active bystander from now on as well! Thanks again, you really changed my perspective on so many things and really touched my heart ❤❤❤!!!”

Lexi (Yr9 Student)


“Thank you so much for coming and speaking to us. It has made me feel so much better about how to deal with the situations I seem to find myself in. I understand now that I don’t have to deal with anything on my own and it’s best to ask people for help. Everybody that talked to us on those two days were great, I loved hearing each and every story as I could relate to them all in some way. I really enjoyed the games that we played but even more because I won one… thanks for everything!!!”

Hannah (Yr 10 Student)



“Some stuff was going on lately and this talk helped me understand what to do with the situation and with future ones too, thx 🙏”

Raegan (Yr 7 Student)



“Thank you so much that presentation really changed how I see things and I think it is going to help me become a better person. U made me realise how much I have been bullied and that I have also bullied other people and I didn’t even know. Now I do thanks to you 🙏. Your presentation was so powerful and I ended up crying. I talked to my teacher about it after and it just helped so much. So from the bottom of my heart. THANK YOU”

Skye (Yr 9 Student)


“I was a part of your talk today and I just wanted to say thank you so much. I have been going through anxiety for the last 4 years and I constantly get bullied. I love what you do and hope you can come back again.”

Mitchell (Yr 9 Student)

“Thank you so much for speaking to us lumen students for the last two days. we are very grateful for all of it. i learnt that our choices really impact our path of our life. all the activities taught to us really helped us understand that if we get out of our comfort zone and try something new we can really have a good self-esteem. armed for life taught me that if you’re going through something in life, there is always someone there to speak to and to understand your situation.”

“Sophie Yr 10 Student”

Armed Artists

Marksman Lloyd

Perth hip-hop artist, Marksman Lloyd has been dubbed by Colosoul magazine as “the new poster boy for educated and progressive hip hop.” Performing since the age of 15 at local hip hop workshops, he spent his formative years on the freestyle battle circuit winning Scribble Jam Western Australia in 2006. More on artist…

Astrid Ripepi

Astrid Ripepi is a soulful pianist, singer & songwriter. Astrid’s interest towards music started at the early age of 3 as her mother heard Astrid “pling plonging” on the keys of the piano before she could see them. Astrid’s fascination for the piano and love for music led Astrid to pursue her passion at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts majoring on piano. More on artist…