Armed For Life: The Road to Resilience

Armed For Life has a book coming!!! Stay tuned for the BOOK LAUNCH as the book will be released early 2021. Email Adam at [email protected] to register your interested in attaining a copy of the new exciting book to help anyone grow in their capacity to become resilient!


SEL Classrooms Program

The SEL Classrooms Program has been co-developed by Armed For Life and Dr Elena Limnios – an award winning ex-associate professor from UWA. This is an in-class program designed to run once a fortnight for 2 hours or once a week for 1 semester – and is led by a teacher (or staff member in special cases) chosen by the school.

The goal of this program has been to package the resources that Armed For Life has been building and presenting with since inception into a teaching program that has an experiential component. Currently the unit on offer is on Bullying but there will be more units available in the future.

 When signing up to the SEL program you receive:

  • The semester plan.
  • A Teacher Handbook (that guides you through every lesson – as well as the necessary links to everything they need).
  • A Student handbook that to be used online or printed and given to every member of the class for filling in as they work.
  • As well as case studies, role plays, group work, video links and more.

Finally, the last 5 weeks incorporates a creative competition where students work in groups to create a video on the unit topic. They then assess each other and choose a class representative that will go into a state-wide competition against other classes for the possibility of winning Armed for Life sessions for their school and cash prizes.


Lesson Plans

Armed For Life has a wide variety of after session lesson plans to be used in class after your school has run a session for students. Contact Adam Przytula for more information on how to get access to the lesson plans.


Resilience Scale

We use the Resilience Scale created by Adam Przytula within the Resilience session run by Armed For Life. It is a great tool to allow children to gauge for themselves how ‘big’ a problem is for themselves. When something happens to us we can weigh up where that problem sits on the Resilience Scale: