Wellbeing Day

** BRAND NEW FOR 2018 **

The Wellbeing Day is typically a one day program, but can be split over multiple days. This program is designed to be holistically based to educate and equip students or staff on how to live as healthy as possible – specifically to increase all aspects of Health and Wellbeing including Physcial and Mental Health. This program involves:

  • One full day with students with a mix of speakers and more interactive sessions all focused around Wellbeing for students
    • Start and finish the day with the whole group together with a choice of either:
      • Hip Hop Artist
      • Comedian
      • Professional Singer
    • And interactive sessions include a choice of:
      • Parkour
      • Yoga
      • Group Training
      • Cooking Demo
      • Hip Hop Dance Class
      • Games and Activities
    • Sessions can be a mix of any of the topics that surround Wellbeing including:
      • Resilience
      • Self Esteem
      • Stress Management
      • Health and Wellbeing
      • Drugs and Alcohol
      • Relationships and Dating
      • Decision Making and more

The Wellbeing day can be catered towards one year group or the whole school anywhere between 100-600 Students. This day is based on the very successful 8 Week Overhaul Program – of which the results have proven that Wellbeing can drastically change as we focus on it.