The Resilience Program is flexible in nature but ultimately is designed to develop the participants capacity to deal with problems – their resilience.

The length and structure of the program can be adapted to the schools requirements – so the program can take place over the course of one day, 8 weeks during a school term or even with great depth over the course of 12 months. The program will focus on many key issues that are all related to being Resilient, including:

  • Self Awareness – The capacity to recognise emotions and deal with the in a healthy way
  • Self Esteem – Thinking and feeling positively about ourselves has an impact on our capacity to get back to who we were before we encountered the problems we face
  • Decision Making – Both WHY and HOW we make decisions will make a difference in how resilient we are so we need to learn to make positive choices
  • Healthy Relationships – Being surrounded by healthy relationships (family, friendships and dating relationships) has a very strong impact on how we deal with problems a healthy way
  • Positive Anger – We all get angry (it is an emotion) but this emotion more than any can sabotage our capacity to be resilient
  • Responding to Problems – Rather than reacting to the problems we face out of the emotion we feel, we need the capacity to respond thoughtfully to the problem
  • and many more

We would love the opportunity to work with your students over a period of time to develop their capacity to be resilient and in turn have a strong impact on their achievements at school.