** BRAND NEW FOR 2020 **

This program is designed for those students in the school that struggle to stay in class let alone get their work done. With a growing number of students being recognised as having a behavioural disorder known as ODD (Oppositional Defiance Disorder) some of our schools need an answer for those students that just don’t care about discipline (and perhaps their parents do not care about it either).

The program consists of 2 sessions a week for 8 weeks:

  • 1 x Activity Session (with the chosen activity’s instructor)
  • 1 x Mentor Session (with the program manager)


Our School Engagement programs are designed to build rapports, create safe places, and focus on activities that bring the youth at risk together rather than separate them from their peers. Focusing on physical activity helps create resilience, mental health stimulation and confidence skills.  Mentoring sessions focus on building rapport, assisting students in engaging in conversations to help build up their resilience and following up after their activities to show care and compassion for circumstances.

The Engagement program has been designed to give the students something they can be involved in and ultimately care about losing if their behaviours continue in their everyday classes. We work together with the school/teachers and other stakeholders to help the students gain a better schooling experience and continue their journey.

The program offers 5 activities to choose from:

  • Parkour and Free-Running Class
  • Hip Hop Dance Class
  • Yoga Class
  • MMA Class
  • Djing Class


Contact Adam Przytula on [email protected] for more information and get a booking form.