“We’ve had some really positive feedback from parents following our wellness day – so thank you! It was a great conversation starter for many of our kids and went a long way in setting culture and fighting stigma against mental health and emotion. It also got a few of our boys talking about their struggles – as I think having you as a male speak into this space helped them feel safe to also speak out as well. Love your work, Adam!”

Shelby O’Reilly (Chaplain, Carey Baptist College – Forrestdale)


“What an amazing day, the feedback I’m getting is fabulous. The biggest impact it had on the students was realising the importance of talking about their feelings with a rusted person. They also really appreciated hearing that their feelings were valid, and they are excited to work on displaying these in a positive way.”

Skye Mercer (Joondalup Primary School)


“Adam delivered a session on resilience to a classroom size group of Year 10 students. With the aim to equip students with the tools they need to help them with their everyday life and mental health.

He communicates exceptionally with examples from his own life and with content that was engaging, interactive and relevant. Adam even had some of our toughest students fully engaged and interacting with his presentation.

If you are looking for someone who is engaging, impacting and passionate about equipping others, contact Adam and the Armed for Life team. You won’t be disappointed.”

Matt Di Gregorio (Chaplain, Rockingham Senior High School)


“Just wanted to say a huge thank you for your time yesterday. The feedback we have received from staff and students has been very positive.

The students were engaged, responsive and felt that the presentations were valuable and relatable for them. Your presence and energy as a presenter as a well as your personal anecdotes provide powerful presentations on many different topics.

Look forward to having you back in the future!”

Heather Currie (Year 8 Coordinator, Belridge Secondary College)


“Adam Przytula’s presentation on bullying is outstanding. From start to finish our students were fixated by his every word, as he reflected on his own bullying experiences and that of many others. He delivers all the key messages about bullying in a clear and engaging way – leaving a huge impression on his audience. Adam’s presentation demands that all students reflect on their own behaviour and challenges them to become part of the solution to bullying rather than part of the problem. His presentation will make a difference to the students at your school and their attitude towards bullying.  A ‘must see’ presentation!”

Paul Cooke (Deputy Principal, Melville Senior High School)


“My name is Michael and I’m the Youth worker at Southern River College. I contacted Adam and the team from Armed for Life, asking them to help me share one of the important messages they share in one of their workshops. I chose the theme “Walking Away” as I believe there is great benefit in developing the awareness in our young people around the reasons for and benefits of walking away from conflict as opposed to engaging with it and furthering the negative cycle.

Adam presented on the day to approximately 120 year nine students and did a magnificent job. Not only were the introductory hip-hop music an excellent idea to engage, the icebreakers went down a treat too! His presentation was a brilliant mix of current research, personal experience and relevant trends talked about by our students. Id recommend Adam and his team to anyone interested in sending a healthy, positive, message to their young people. His humorous, heart warming yet firm approach makes for a brilliant blend that any young person can thoroughly benefit form.”

Michael Dastlik (Youth Worker, Southern River college)


“In just a few years, I have witnessed Armed For Life grow into a dynamic organisation which is meeting the significant social and emotional needs of Western Australian young people in over 60 schools across the State.

Today’s youth are under ever increasing pressure caused by powerful issues such as fly-in-fly out parents, substance abuse, divorce, social media and relentless media communication on global catastrophes.  Issues such as these are impacting young people and are manifesting in forms like cyber-bullying, depression, low resilience, self-harming and low self-esteem.  Armed For Life is an organisation that is dedicated to equipping young people with the skills to deal with these issues effectively.  Through providing strategies to cope, they are ensuring young people have a greater chance at accessing a high level of education and in the long-term transitioning into adulthood as self-determined, successful contributors to the Australian economy.

More than ever school Principals and teachers are under increasing scrutiny to ensure that their students are performing their best in the classroom and in standardised tests.  Their focus upon school performance leaves less time to give attention to the social and emotional needs of their young people.  Adam Przytula has identified this and created a business to meet this enormous need across both the public and private education sector.  In only two years, the business has expanded from offering one workshop on bullying to offering a range over 20 workshops and presentations to school staff, parents and students.  Adam has needed to appoint three more staff to the organisation to meet the high level of demand across the State for their services.  With even more innovative programs being designed in areas such as nutrition and healthy lifestyles, Adam has moved into business development role whereby he can identify other talented presenters and facilitators to take on workshops, but also dedicated time to working with other business and not-for-profit organisations to assist with the rapid growth of his business.

Adam has a unique ability to make powerful connections with young people and his audience.  He and his team include humour, creativity and emotion in their presentations so to engage the audience and encourage them to opt for change in their lives.  Principals, parents, teachers and students consistently commend Armed For Life for the impact they are having on the tens of thousands of lives they speak to every year.

As a senior member of the Department of Education, I commend Adam for all of his work.  He is meeting a need that almost all school leaders desperately need assistance with.  He has formed a sustainable business model by putting the needs of schools and its young people at the centre of his business practice and due to this, the demand for his organisation is flourishing.”

Aaron Gregory (Low Socio-Economic School Communities Performance, Innovation and Research Division, Department of Education, 2014)


“As the Director of the Pastoral Curriculum at Swan Christian College, I want to commend Adam as a motivational speaker to teenagers and to young adults. Adam has presented many seminars to our staff and students over the past few years which include topics such as resilience, bullying, self esteem and decision making.

Adam’s presentations have been carefully constructed combining crowd breakers, personal stories, details analysis, action plans and question times. Out students have responded positively to Adam’s engaging and thought provoking style, with many commenting on how much they appreciated his wisdom.

Adam’s passion for the health and wellbeing of young people is evident in his enthusiasm to continue to expand the work of his organisation Armed For Life.

I commend him in his endeavor to equip young people with the tools they need to navigate their way through the difficult journey of adolescence.”

Ray Hockley (Director of Pastoral Curriculum, Swan Christian College, 2013)


“A fantastic organisation that has provided really practical and engaging workshops for the students at our school. Adam is always so encouraging and inspiring.”

Laura Rutherford (Head of Year 7, Penrhos College)

“Adam is a fine role model for young men. His honesty and enthusiasm are infectious. He doesn’t patronise kids. He’s an inspiration.”

Maree Brennan (Head of Year 7, Aquinas College)

“Armed for Life not only educates students but instills a sense of urgency within schools in addressing and overcoming issues of bullying and self-esteem.”

Jean Liew (Teacher, Kennedy Baptist College)

“Armed For Life have worked alongside our boarders and helped them manage the bumpy road of adolescence with a spring in their step and a smile on their face.”

Tina Campbell (Head of Boarding, St Marys Anglican Girls School)

“The way that Armed For Life helps engage, encourage and equip students to work through difficult issues is commendable. You are an inspiration!”

Kieran Johnson (Youth Relationships Representative,  World Vision Australia)

“A big thankyou to Adam & ‘Armed for Life’ from Wanneroo Secondary College. The students found your engaging workshops really valuable.”

Kellie Noakes (Student Services, Wanneroo Secondary College)

“Adam, Your passion and ability to engage students and help them to see that they are both important and resilient is inspiring and we at Lynwood value your work.”

Hayatti Miller (Head of Year 10, Lynwood SHS)

“I have heard Adam speak and the way he engages the teenagers he talks to is amazing. He has great relevant stories and really has the gift of communication!”

Scott Britza (Head of Year 9, Kennedy Baptist College)

“Thanks Adam and your team of workers. Your professional, caring and targeted approach to a whole range of ‘prickly’ subjects is well appreciated.”

Mark Pettit (Head of Middle School, Kalamunda SHS)

“Armed For Life is at the front lines of combating harmful youth-culture within our schools today. As a Chaplain and a Customer, I have had Adam come into my school to present on Bullying to my year 9’s. After his talk we experienced a peace that can only be explained by students changing their minds about bullying. Adam brings his personal experience and passion to your school so that students can’t help but listen. His versatility to adapt to the schools needs is also remarkable; He can speak to a group of kids as well as run a workshop for the entire school. Needless to say I cannot recommend Armed for Life enough and have already made plans for Adam to be back. Students are finding the life skills they need to be “Armed for Life” through these programs. Do yourself a favour and get in touch with Adam.”

Andy Price  (YouthCARE Chaplain, 2014) 

“I just wanted to say thank you (to Mark as well) for the sessions yesterday. They were just what our kids needed at this time of the year – enough lightheartedness to help them relax but with a strong message to follow. I know it has made a good impact on all of them.”

Bronwyn Twining (John Wollaston Anglican School, 2014)

“I was rostered on to sit through an Anti-bullying workshop with the Year 7s. Ho hum, been there, done that. What else is there to say? But how do we teach kids to be nicer to each other? The $20000 question. I must say I was in for quite the treat.

Adam instantly connected with the students, with his humour and relaxed attitude. From the beginning the students were engaged and this was sustained throughout the hour and a half presentation.

Not only was the discussion “real”, littered with true anecdotal stories, but Adam also offered up his personal experiences, thus showing the students that we all can endure bullying.

The real beauty of the presentation came from the solutions that Adam offered up. “Sticks and stones may break our bones, but names will never hurt you” –  as a survivor of bullying I know that the old adage rings a true falsehood. Names do hurt us and what Adam provided was very real and achievable ways of dealing with bullying and the pain that it causes.

I remain impressed. It was a truly worthwhile experience. Thank you Adam.”

Kate McCaffrey (English Teacher, Sacred Heart College, 2013) and Author of “Destroying Avalon”

“Adam’s presentation on the topic of Resilience made a real impact on our students. It helped them to understand what Resilience is and gave them some great ways to deal with their emotions. They especially liked his personal story about how he made changes in his behaviour to deal more positively with his situation. The feedback from staff was also very positive and the presentation aided some great work in their classrooms.”

Carolyn Campbell (Chaplain, Wanneroo Primary School, 2013)