Students Comments

‘I have been bullied by the same guy over and over until today. Today he apologised to me and said he’ll stop after hearing your speech. So thanks heaps.”

Harry (Yr 7)


“I loved your talk on bullying at RSHS, and I learnt about actually putting myself into someone else’s shoes before I judge them. After hearing those stories that you told us I just thought about the times when I judged someone before actually knowing what their life as like. Thank you very much for talking at our school and I appreciate the stuff you do!”

Anonyomous (Yr 7)


‘Adam has helped me greatly to handle my bullying and how to react and he has always been there when I needed someone to talk to and I always enjoy seeing him. Its great having him around.’

Bodie (Yr 7)


‘Adam has been such an inspiration to not only me but others, showing that there is a way to move through life and to be strong. I like that Armed for Life was developed for others to have fun and work as a team. The team building activities that he has created has shown a positive impact not only on high school students, but primary school students as well. I believe Adams initiative has helped a problem that is becoming harder to overcome, positive energy and behaviour that he has helped not just me but many others overcome the issues they face.’

Bryce (Yr 12)


‘With some of the talks Adam have done at Cecil’s had actually helped me and made me realise some unhealthy things in my life that I have changed and I am doing very well from his help. The camps that I have been in with the team are amazing. They helped me meet new people and taught me how to work as a team and work as friend. I’m thankful for everything he has done for me.’

Zane Graham (Yr 9)


In the time I have talked to Adam he has helped me to express myself to other people and helped me to understand myself more. He gave me the opportunity to learn more about mental health on an armed for life camp and during that time I was in need of guidance.

Gemma (Yr 9)


‘I just wanted to say a massive thank you for coming to John Wollaston today with the Armed Artist session. I can honestly say I have never felt more empowered coming out of the chapel than I did today. I really admire how you’ve created such an amazing experience for me and all the other teenagers Armed For Life speaks to. I just really appreciate what you do for people and can’t thank you enough for today’

Tabreisha (Yr 11)


‘Brilliant job Adam. I just wanted to thank you personally for everything you did today at Lumen. I speak for all the year 9 girls of 2014 when I say we really enjoyed today. It was much appreciated that you and Jess came in to teach us. We will remember this for the rest of our lives and hopefully it will become of great use in the future.’

Skye (Yr 9)


‘Energetic and fun presentation. Adam knows how to get the message across in a fun and positive way. Good work.’

Joshua (Yr 9)


‘Today Adam, came to my school and talked to my whole (year 11 ) group. He actually changed a lot of attitudes in quite a few of my fellow class mates. His speeches are honestly one of the most hopeful things I have heard in my life. Adam, you are amazing keep up the great work you are doing.’

Jessica (Yr11)


‘I’d just like to say thank you so, so, so much for coming to Newman yesterday and sharing your experience with us and giving the best advice that I’ve ever heard. You’ve really helped me, and though things are still tough right now, your presentations really inspired me a lot. Thank you!’

Gracia (Yr 10)


‘I found the resilience presentation thoroughly enjoyable, as well as inspirational. the information conveyed has highlighted to me how important it is to be resilient, and has motivated me to be a stronger person in all aspects of life’

Mikayla (Yr 11)


“I just wanted to say how inspiring your speeches were. I just finished a 2 day retreat and I left so inspired. I learnt so much at your sessions. Your self-esteem, relationship and decision-making sessions were amazing. You guys are AMAZING at talking to audiences and really engaged with us. I went into this thinking that it was going to be so boring but came out amazed I’ve never listened and focused so much before. The people that spoke over the 2 days and told their story really touched my heart and was shocked. I’ve never heard a story like any of them before. It told me that you can change your life around no matter how hurt you may be. Thank you so much for coming and talking to us because you really helped me understand so much.”

Sarah (Yr 10)


“I was a part of your talk today and I just wanted to say thank you so much. I have been going through anxiety for the last 4 years and I constantly get bullied. I love what you do and hope you can come back again.”

Mitchell (Yr 9)


“You recently did a speech at our school and I’m so grateful. You literally spoke about what Iv gone through and I’m so glad someone does stuff like this, especially a guy because you don’t often see males speaking about issues as people wouldn’t think its ‘manly’. A fight occurred in our school involving our friend group and I really feel as your speech helped. Thanks.”

Kirsten (Yr 9)


“Your talk was so amazing, thank you so much for talking with us at our school today! Your speech was extremely inspirational and I am proud to say that it has most definitely changed my perspective on the matter, I realised that I myself have been very hypocritical by being horrible to people even though I am bullied myself (not that much, just sometimes, but by the same person). I realised that I need to treat people the way that I want to be treated. Your story was extremely inspiring as well because it made me realise that asking for help is so much better than just ignoring people or fighting back with aggression. I will be working harder to be an active bystander from now on as well! Thanks again, you really changed my perspective on so many things and really touched my heart❤❤❤!!!”

Lexi (Yr 9 )


“Thank you so much that presentation really changed how I see things and I think it is going to help me become a better person. U made me realise how much I have been bullied and that I have also bullied other people and I didn’t even know. Now I do thanks to you 🙏. Your presentation was so powerful and I ended up crying. I talked to my teacher about it after and it just helped so much. So from the bottom of my heart. THANK YOU”

Skye (Yr 9)


“Some stuff was going on lately and this talk helped me understand what to do with the situation and with future ones too, thx 🙏”

Raegan (Yr 7)


“Thank you so much for speaking to us I feel so privileged to have the chance to meet you and all the people who came to talk to us over the last two days, you helped me understand that I don’t have to go through my problems alone and although these past few days were very hard to take in I deeply enjoyed the experience and I never got to take the chance to personally thank you guys.”

Tayla, (Yr 10)


“Thank you so much for speaking to us lumen students for the last two days. we are very grateful for all of it. I learnt that our choices really impact our path of our life. all the activities taught to us really helped us understand that if we get out of our comfort zone and try something new we can really have a good self-esteem. armed for life taught me that if you’re going through something in life, there is always someone there to speak to and to understand your situation.”

Sophie (Yr 10)


Thank you so much for coming and speaking to us. It has made me feel so much better about how to deal with the situations I seem to find myself in. I understand now that I don’t have to deal with anything on my own and it’s best to ask people for help. Everybody that talked to us on those two days were great, I loved hearing each and every story as I could relate to them all in some way. I really enjoyed the games that we played but even more because I won one… thanks for everything!!!☺️

Hannah (Yr 10)


“Thank you for coming today. I honestly feel that you and your team have help and effected my year, and especially me. I have been going through my own tough time with putting myself down, and over the last few weeks I have been thinking of going to the councillor at school but today after all your chats, I decided to and I’ll be seeing them soon to get help. I can honestly say you and your team, showed me so much about myself and my peers. You are truly an amazing group and I can’t thank you enough because I’m sure you have help so many more people facing issues bigger then mine. You and your team are honestly Heroes! Thank you again on behalf of everyone at kolbe!”

Myst (Yr 10)


“I had a great day today it was amazing to see how happy Adam was after has faced everything. I know how it feels to get bullied I’m getting bullied and what you said today about everything was so true Thank you for coming Adam”

Nat (Yr 9)


“Hey Adam thank you so much for coming and speaking with us today u were amazing I could relate with u so much because I feel like I was like u when u were younger. I think I’ve been trying to get into a relationship and I have crushes all the time and thank you for helping me realise that I do that and it’s not healthy so just thank you again and hopefully I can go to ur camp because I feel like it will be amazing”

Nyah (Yr 11)


“I just wanted to say thank you again to you guys. I was at the self esteem presentation at ocean reef shs and never really considered having a low self esteem until now and it was a huge eye opener. I’ve always been the quiet anxious kid who wasn’t happy with himself and hearing some of the ways that i can change this has made me realise that it was about time i made a few changes. Thank you so much, you have no idea how much you have helped.”

Kyle (Yr 11)


‘I found Adam and his story to be really inspiring. It is good to have somebody talk to us that has been through it all and see the positivity that Adam has’

Mia (Yr 11)


I would just like to thank you so much for coming here and taking us on Monday nights (and getting us out of prep) You have been soooooo much fun!! You have really helped me throughout this program!

Georgia (Yr 8)


‘Adam Przytula is a very passionate and inspiring speaker. Helping students deal with the toughest problems in life, bullying, self esteem, depression, anxiety and so much more. From his previous experience and childhood, Adam can really relate with some of society’s problems today.

From personal experience, during high school, I had a tough time battling depression and all the problems faced as a teenager. I felt like no one cared or wanted to listen to me and when they did they said it’s just a patch in the road, or they would just put me down. I felt worthless, I just wanted to disappear. I had serious self esteem issues, I had lost all hope and felt like giving up. Adam came to my school one day, right when I was at my worst, he talked to my class and from the first minute I was engaged. Just listening to the way Adam speaks, with such energy and passion is amazing and uplifting. I couldn’t wait for him to come back again. From his talk I had hope that there was a way out of that black hole. The next time he spoke to my class, he spoke about depression, self esteem and fitting in and I could really relate with what he was saying and at the end of the class, I had the courage to go up to Adam and just cried and said I really needed help. Adam was very keen to help me, he gave me amazing advice, support and friendship. He gave me the inspiration I was looking for. I felt like all the pain had eased, someone was finally listening to me and wanted to help me. Adam encouraged me to talk to my parents and helped me for about a year and changed my life an enormous amount for the better.

To this day I still tell the story of how Adam pulled me out of my despair and black hole. He is an incredibly positive person and knowing he is making a difference in hundreds of other students lives is incredible. I will recommend his workshops to many people in the future.’

Nikki (Yr 10)


Energetic and fun presentation. Adam knows how to get the message across in a fun and positive way. Good work.

Joshua (Yr 9)