With 15 years experience the Armed For Life camps are structured to equip students to be more resilient and to develop positive mental health through fun and educational sessions. We have had many reports of students coming home different from when they left for camp. We focus on creating an environment where the students can fel safe anc challenged at the same time.  We run 2 camps every year with different purposes:


Healthy Relationships Summer Camp – (Monday 20th January – Thursday 23rd January 2020)

The Healthy Relationships camp is about equipping students to better mange the relationships around them. We discuss friendships, dating relationships, and even taking a look at themselves and how they feel as this impacts the relationship dynamics they have with everyone else. We mix this up with beach activities every day to make the most of the summer sun.


Resilience and Mental Health Camp – The Paddock Campsite Cuballing (Details to come for January 2020)

The Resilience and Mental Health camp out at amazing Paddock campsite in Cuballing – located in the Pingelly region. This camp is run as a combination iof exciting challenging activities such as paint-balling, go-karting, an amazing race and archery tag as well as discussing topics such as resilience, self-esteem, stress and anxiety to better enable students to mange the issue that they face.


Contact us for more info on the camps coming in 2020.