Taylor is born and raised in Perth. 

Taylor attended John Curtin College of the Arts through a Music and Drama scholarship. That is where his love for communicating with young people developed. He attended ECU in Perth and studied a Journalism degree. He has worked in the broadcasting industry in Perth for many years. He has worked at Hit92.9, SportFM and 98five here in Perth and loves the opportunities he gets to communicate and share with the wider community. Taylor is also a well known MC in Perth and can be heard weekly court side at all Perth Wildcats home games.

Hobbies: Sports (mainly basketball), playing music. I weirdly collect cups as well.

Fun Fact: Sat next to the manager of Human Nature on a flight from Sydney to LA.

Goal: To see young people reach their potential and step In to what they are passionate about.



Karen is from London, UK and is married to Marcus. Karen has 4 nephews, 1 niece and 2 respite foster twins.

Karen has a wealth of experience including 14 years teaching TAFE level running Cert 3 and 4 Fitness Courses, 10 years Personal Trainer / Sports Massage Therapist / Fitness Centre Manager, 9 years Centre Manager International Language Summer School and 3 years Sports Chaplain Women’s SBL Basketball Team.

Hobbies: kickboxing, tennis, movies, travelling – have been to 51 countries.

Fun Fact: Has given a sports massage to the singer Usher

Goal: To help people overcome difficulties of the past so they can realise their potential. Help shape people so they shine.



Genevieve was born in Perth and has spent time living in Texas, USA.

As a teenager, Genevieve suffered a severe injury, and had two immediate family members pass away within a short period of time.
It was through this that Genevieve learnt the importance of having resilience and courage to overcome challenges, and healthy relationships for guidance and support.

Prior to joining the Armed For Life speaker team, Genevieve completed a B.A. in Communication and Media Studies, and History.

Genevieve loves to share information and stories that can enrich young peoples’ lives in an accessible way.
She has worked with youth organisations and presented talks to young people throughout Western Australia and Texas.

Hobbies: Playing sport, reading non-fiction books and travelling.

Fun fact: Represented Western Australia twice in Australian Football as a teenager.

Goal: To help young people see their inherent worth, and to provide them with tools to persevere and overcome trials.’


Katie has lived in Perth since the age of 9 and prior to that moved around the Eastern Coast of Australia with her family due to her dad being in the defence force. Katie is a fully qualified Youth Worker and is currently completing her Bachelor in Social Work. Katie has several years’ experience working with youth at risk in multiple settings.

Katie has had a huge passion for school engagement and working with youth at risk since she was a teenager herself, due to finding the gaps that were missed when she was struggling at school and in life.

Hobbies – Wakeboarding, scuba diving and horse riding.

Fun fact – Katie has gone swimming with multiple sharks including great whites, they are her favourite animal!

Goal – To help the world understand that trauma is real and without balances and interventions in place the social and mental wellbeing of our youth will suffer.